New Monday, New Week, New Goals. Let’s get cracking then! #Motivate

Nearly making it to the weekend! #TGIF

Be Better than you use to be. #BeBetter #Fitness


Giving out some Monday motivation!

New Year, New You?

New post on the site today. All about new year resolutions and how to keep to those goals.

Today, is Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year, apparently. It's said to be due to a combination of factors including, weather, time since Christmas, debt (due to Christmas) and failing New Year's resolutions. However the reality is something different - Blue Monday was a PR stunt back in 2005 by a travel agency. Read more on Wikipedia - Have a good Monday all!

I need some #MondayMotivation today, still aching from a Tough Mudder on Saturday. #Monslay Have a determined day all!

The Tough Mudder Countdown

It's getting closer! Anyone else doing the London South Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks? Another training session on Hove seafront completed yesterday, thanks to For Goodness Shakes for the support.

Goodbye love handles: do’s and don’ts to losing that stubborn belly fat

New Blog Post Alert: Do's and Don'ts for losing stubborn belly fat

Monday Motivation - New Week, Bring It On.

Tough Mudder

Anybody doing Tough Mudder this year? We'll be at the London South event on September 16th!

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Post training Sunday morning breakfast protein hit with poached eggs, avocado, fresh salsa and wholemeal toast.

Read jp's story

Good Luck to everyone who is running in this years Brighton Marathon, especially an old mate & person trainer JP Temple who is raising money for the children's charity Chestnut Tree House.

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Monday Motivation - Start the week right. Onwards & upwards.


Entered into the draw for the New York Marathon in November, fingers crossed! Anyone else considering or signed up for a marathon this year? #2017Goals

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After Blue Monday, Happy Hump Day. 'Train Like a Beast' #Motivation

Happy Belated New Year

Happy, belated, New Year! Yep, I know i'm late with this. Finally back to blogging. What are you goals for 2017?

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Yep, totally guilty of this and have been for the last 6 months whilst I have prioritised work & everything else instead of my fitness, training & blogging goals. Work hard & train hard but don't lose sight of things that benefit you personally. Your health is important.

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Good morning all! Have a great Monday. Start the week right, train hard, get stronger & fitter.

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Keep moving forward #Inspiration

7 risk free exercises to boost your mood

Having suffered, am suffering, from depression for as long as I can remember, especially recently, I saw this on Men's Health and thought I would share. Do what you can, but do something, exercise does help.

Please show some love & support to this new start-up DOMSEaseOil, maybe even a Like if you're feeling generous. Great for soothing muscles & relieving stress.

Gold Standard Personal Trainer Awards - Optimum Nutrition UK

Do you know a great Personal Trainer, or maybe you even are one. Then get nominating for the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Personal Trainer Awards.

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Sorry i've been quiet on here and on the blog for the last month or so. I'm back now though, thanks for sticking around. Have a great Monday all!

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#MondayMotivation Let's Do This! Have a great Monday all!

Three fitness trends that will revolutionise your workouts

NEW POST: 3 fitness trends that will revolutionise your workouts - 3 tips to beat the autumn / winter training lull

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Congrats to Max Whitlock GOLD!! #TeamGB #GreatBrits

Motorola VerveOnes+ Review | My Gym Running, Cycling, Fitness Blog

NEW POST: We review the brand spanking new 'truly wireless' in-ear buds from Motorola and Verve.Life, the water & sweat proof VerveOnes+

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What a great day yesterday for #TeamGB Congrats all!

We're wishing Max Whitlock the best of luck as he hopes to better his London 2012 bronze in this evening's Men's Individual all-round final. Good Luck Max! Coverage starts 8pm BBC Four. #GreatBrits DFS

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Midweek Motivation - Never Back Down

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We have a new playlist out now on Spotify - With a bit of a French twist. Run - Le playlist Français. You might need to excuse my questionable taste in music though

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Found this great quote to motivate and inspire, 'keep moving forward'. Thought we'd share it with you. #Motivate

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#MondayMotivation Have a good day everyone!

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Morning all, time to get to it! #WorkForIt

Ript Performance Clothing. My Gym Fitness, Muscle & Product Reviews

New Post: We review the clothing brand Ript Performance and give our verdict on their gym and muscle wear clothing range

Today is Day 1, i'm doing the MP45 Workout from Muscle Prodigy - I'm aiming to burn my stubborn belly fat and gain some much needed muscle mass over the next 45 days, i'll be documenting as I go, wish me luck!

Choosing the Right Bike for You

NEW POST: Looking at choosing a new bike, following Chris Froome's epic victory on Le Tour de France? We look at the pros and cons of choosing an Aluminium or Carbon frame bike.

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Morning all! Have a great start to your day and the week. #MondayMotivation

The Best Kale Caesar Salad

Perfect healthy meal for summer and great with BBQ or chargrilled chicken. #Nutrition

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It's a beautiful sunny morning where we are, hope it is for you guys too. Have a great weekend, and if you're training in the sun, two (obvious) tips for you - avoid peak sun times (midday) and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Tour de France 2016 - Win With Halfords Cycling & My Gym Fitness

There's still time to enter Halfords Cycling Tour de France competition. Enter via the blog post #WinItWednesday